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• Jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich denied detention appeal in Moscow • Putin visits Russian troops at military headquarters in Kherson • Watch moment WSJ journalist appears in Russian court
The New York jury empaneled in the NY v. Trump criminal trial has reached a verdict in the historic case.
German golfer Isi Gabsa's 12th hole tee shot unfortunately struck a bird as it landed on the green, and it went lifeless on the turf in a wild scene at the U.S. Women's Open.
President Biden is expected to sign an executive order for the U.S.-Mexico border that would deny entrance to migrants once the number border officials encounter exceeds a daily threshold.
Kenyan President William Ruto has said it cost $76,000 to hire a private jet for his U.S. state visit last week, instead of the $1.2 million amount reported by media outlets in Kenya.
A new report by Swissaid says billions of dollars worth of gold is smuggled out of Africa every year, and much of it ends up in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Switzerland and Turkey.
The New York jury empaneled in the NY v. Trump case has reached a verdict. The jury will soon enter the courtroom and announce what it has decided.
A Texas man armed with a knife engraved with "hail Satan," allegedly broke into a home before the homeowner shot him in the hip and called police.
An Idaho jury on Thursday found Chad Daybell, husband of "Doomsday Mom" Lori Vallow Daybell, guilty of murdering two of Vallow's children and his first wife in 2019.
Federal judges ordered Republican Ohio Attorney Gen. Dave Yost to stop blocking a proposed constitutional amendment banning qualified immunity for police and other officials.
Multi-billionaire casino magnate and Republican mega-donor Miriam Adelson plans to bankroll a pro-Donald Trump super PAC called Preserve America

NEW YORK, NY — In an outcome that was sure to shake the foundations of the entire country, the first criminal trial of a former president reached its close, as Donald Trump was convicted of being Donald Trump.
NEW YORK—Cornering the man in a darkened parking garage as he walked toward his car, the Trump boys reportedly attempted to bribe a juror deciding their father’s hush money case Thursday with a briefcase full of Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Uncrustables. “All it takes is a simple ‘nacho gui
LAS VEGAS—Promising to take the first few rounds really slow for anybody who still needed to get their bearings, entrants in the World Series of Poker reportedly began the tournament this week by playing a full hand face-up so everyone could learn the rules. “Okay, show of hands—how many of yo
WASHINGTON—Casting blame on his wife for the controversial flag that flew outside his home, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito told reporters Thursday that he tried to take it down, but Martha-Ann Alito, 70, hit him, and she hits him “every night.” “As soon as I saw it, I asked my wife to ta
U.S. — Season 2 of Amazon's critically panned The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is on its way — and with it comes an old friend: none other than merry Tom Bombadil joins the growing cast of characters, reimagined for modern audiences as an angsty, brooding goth.
A new Louisiana law will criminalize going within 25 feet of any police officer “engaged in law enforcement duties” if an order is issued to stand back, with opponents of the law saying that the measure will hinder the public’s ability to record officers’ actions and hold them accountable. W
HOBOKEN, NJ — A local man celebrated losing two pounds this week by instantly gaining back five, sources report.
SCOTTSDALE, AZ — According to sources, a friend has just responded to your 22-year-old text to let you know he's sorry he didn't reply earlier, he's just not a great texter.
NEW YORK, NY — As deliberations continued in the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump, news broke that the jury had passed a note to the judge asking to review all 14 seasons of The Apprentice.
KERRVILLE, TX—Offering an added incentive in the hopes of enticing the young man to sign up for the military, U.S. Army recruiter Henry “Tex” Teevens revealed during a job fair Thursday that he had a bound, gagged civilian that 18-year-old Milo Carnes could shoot right now if he enlisted. “Y
NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Calling it a breakthrough product for anyone not wishing to become pregnant, medical technology giant Johnson & Johnson announced plans Thursday to bring to market a hormone-free IUD that wards off sperm with a steady emission of police-grade pepper spray. “For years, patie
TULSA, OK—Emphasizing that both applause and audible cheering are mandatory, the artist rider in singer-songwriter Kyle Tatum’s contract stipulates that local venue the Vanguard must provide the musician with all the validation he never got, according to a copy of the agreement viewed Thursday.
An Ohio golf course on the site of 2,000-year-old ceremonial mounds and burial grounds of the Hopewell Earthworks system refused a payment of $2 million for the World Heritage Site, leaving it up to a jury to decide what the site is worth before turning the land over to historical society. What do y
AUSTRALIA — Kangaroos hosted a press conference today calling for a stop to demeaning comparisons to the United States justice system.
NEW YORK CITY, NY — As the jury deliberates in the State of New York v. Trump criminal trial, sources within the courtroom claim that four court bailiffs have gone ahead and begun casting lots to split up Trump's clothing.
VATICAN CITY — Following the uproar regarding terminology he allegedly used in reference to homosexuals becoming Catholic priests, Pope Francis issued an official statement of apology to all the flaming homos who were offended.
WASHINGTON, DC — In a recent press conference, President Biden has confirmed that, rather than going to the trouble of building another temporary pier to provide humanitarian aid to Hamas, he will simply instruct the US military to dump $320 million of taxpayers' dollars into the ocean just off th
I decided to acquire a human toddler a few months back after hearing rave reviews from others, and am ready at this point to write my own, honest review.

The Russian pair walked away from Columbus in 2019, altering the rebuild timelines for the two current Eastern Conference finalists.
The Yankees knock the Dodgers down a peg amid a shake-up in the top 5. Meanwhile, it's not been a good week for the Cubs and Mets.
Milwaukee's success has often revolved around pitching, but this season the bats are the talk of the town.
Our FPI projects who'll pick where at next year's draft in Green Bay.
ESPN's Football Power Index ratings are live. Let's predict the 2024 season, including playoff chances and potential draft order.
The aura of the legendary artist and the Timberwolves' most iconic fan is still felt during Minnesota's remarkable postseason run.
Manchester City will ask Pep Guardiola for a final decision on his future by Christmas, a source has told ESPN.
From hot starts to injury updates, Eric Moody takes a look at the fantasy and betting info you need to know around the WNBA.
Check out the best plays and moments as the Chicago Cubs took on the Milwaukee Brewers.
Check out the best plays and moments as the Oakland Athletics took on the Tampa Bay Rays.
Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson says there is no doubt in his mind that he could be a head coach but he loves what they have built in Detroit.
The Dolphins and wide receiver Jaylen Waddle have reached an agreement on a three-year, $84.75 million contract extension that includes $76 million guaranteed, sources told ESPN.
After Paul Skenes' excellent arrival, Shōta Imanaga's first stumble and a rookie rising in the Bronx, who takes the top spot? Here are Rowan Kavner's second rookie power rankings.
New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers was seen looking at his foot during OTAs, and Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes discuss what to make of it.
The USWNT is stocked with forwards in training camp ahead of the Paris Games, but not everyone can go. Who will be left out? Here is the case for each player.
Chris Broussard alongside Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes and Danny Parkins reveal the latest members of the Under Duress List. This week’s list include: Karl-Anthony Towns, Luka Dončić and Joel Embiid.
Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes and Chris Broussard discuss Game 5 of Western Conference Finals between the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks. The FTF crew decide which player is under the most pressure and if Mavs fans should be nervous if they lose.
For different reasons, here are the key players in the NFC West who need to stand out for each team to succeed in the 2024 season.
Nick Wright believes only four NFL teams are facing a Super Bowl-or-bust season this fall. See who made the cut!
Ryan Jeffers hit his second home run of the game to help cut the Kansas City Royals' lead over the Minnesota Twins.

It'll soon be Apple's turn to talk about its next major operating system updates, giving developers a chance to get their apps ready ahead of a broad rollout this fall. The company's Worldwide Developers Conference is right around the corner. Apple is sure to reveal some of the main features of iOS
Spotify says it has quietly begun offering refunds for its soon-to-be-bricked Car Thing. The company told Engadget on Thursday that, as of last Friday, customers with proof of purchase (like an emailed invoice) can contact customer service and get their money back for the vehicle streaming device. S
As rental companies flood the market with used Teslas, look out for these telltale signs of a lemon.
OpenAI is bringing ChatGPT to college campuses across the country. On Thursday, the company announced ChatGPT Edu, a version of ChatGPT built specifically for students, academics, faculty. “ChatGPT Edu is designed for schools that want to deploy AI more broadly to students and their campus communi
The web version of Threads just got a whole lot more usable. Meta is rolling out the new Tweetdeck-like column view to all users, after it started testing the feature earlier this month. The new look, which some Threads users have nicknamed “ThreadsDeck,” allows you to pin up to 100 different fe
Argylle, Mad Max: Fury Road, Napoleon, and Blade Runner 2049 are just a few of the movies you should be watching on Apple TV+ this month.
The hits keep on coming with NASA’S James Webb Space Telescope. According to the space agency, the JWST just found the most distant known galaxy ever. The catchily-named JADES-GS-z14-0 galaxy is said to have formed just 290 million years after the big bang, but it features some unique properties t
Drought-stricken hydro dams have led to daily electricity cuts in Ecuador. As weather becomes less predictable die to climate change, experts say other countries need to take notice.
I remember being a kid and seeing my grandmother without her dentures for the first time. It was a harrowing experience. Now my dad has dentures so, genetically speaking, I’m several decades out from needing some myself. However, it’s possible that modern medicine will solve the issue of lost te
The troubled company is back from the brink, but will emerge from bankruptcy to a world where coworking’s long-term future is much less certain.
Instagram launched Notes in December 2022 as a way for people to share statuses (not so dissimilar to Facebook) on the platform. Now, the Meta-owned app is taking inspiration from its sister site for more features, with the addition of Note Prompts.  Instagram first experimented with Note Prompts e
Android’s RCS message capabilities are inching closer to iMessage’s. Google said today that you can now edit RCS messages, bringing parity with the iMessage editing feature Apple added two years ago. The new editing feature gives you 15 minutes (the same as iMessage) to edit a message in the Goo
Anthropic and other big AI startups are teaching chatbots “tool use,” to make them more useful in the workplace.
The prices of streaming services have been rising across the board over the last few years. One way to keep the costs down is by opting for a bundle. But there are other deals to be found, such as one that can save you $40 on an annual Peacock Premium plan ahead of a planned price hike. A year of th
This popular bassinet from the United Kingdom has made it to America, and it was worth the journey.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given Amazon permission to fly its delivery drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). With that hurdle cleared, the company claims it can fly farther and expand drone service, providing customers faster delivery and a larger selection of items, Amazon
We’ve rounded up our favorites, including third-party devices like the Sonos Era and a voice-enabled Yamaha soundbar.
These Android smartphones often deliver two-day battery life and have lots of storage. But which Moto models are best?
The F1 driver’s Ceralume chronograph is the most luminous watch ever made. Here’s how it was created.
Klipsch’s new soundbar system boasts class-leading sound at a great price.

Donald Trump has learned his fate in his hush money criminal trial out of New York -- and a jury of his peers were convinced he committed crimes. The ex-Prez was found guilty of falsifying business records to cover up his hush money payment to porn…
The Notorious B.I.G.'s mom, Voletta Wallace, thinks Diddy needs a motherly pimp slap after the Cassie video ... and she says she'd love to be the one who delivers it. Ms. Voletta gave Rolling Stone her unfiltered opinion on the heels of their…
Natalie Portman and Paul Mescal are not romantic despite their sighting across the pond earlier this week that sparked speculation they may be dating ... TMZ has confirmed. Sources with direct knowledge tell us the Oscar-winning actress and the…
Tavaris Williams knows he is the butt of a lot of jokes after his recent gaffe on "Wheel of Fortune".... but he's ready to turn lemons into lemonade... or should we say, ass stuff. As you'll recall ... Tarvaris was a contestant on 'Wheel' featuring…
Sofía Vergara is open to trying most plastic surgery procedures ... except, oddly enough, for one very popular treatment among Hollywood's elite -- which makes lips look plump. The "Modern Family" alum addressed her stance on plastic surgery in a…
Michael Jackson's nephew Jaafar's jumping right into a thriller night ... getting dead-dolled up just like Uncle Mike for a recreation of the "Thriller" music video. New photos from the set taken earlier this week show Jaafar looking just like…
Diddy's former makeup artist claims she overheard him abusing Cassie ... 6 years before the now-viral hotel hallway incident. Mylah Morales -- who says she worked with Diddy and Cassie for years as their primary MUA -- spoke with CNN's Laura Coates…
The former WWE employee accusing Vince McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking has agreed to hold off on her lawsuit at the request of the U.S. government ... as the feds conduct its own investigation into the former wrestling mogul. Janel…
Jennifer Lopez may know what "orange drink" is, but no one else does ... so, the singer had to finally explain it to the world ... capping off a viral trend about her old bodega order. J Lo set the record straight in a new interview with Harper's…
Rhett McLaughlin just got a temporary restraining order against a man whom he claims has threatened seriously violent behavior ... including a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11. The comedian/YouTube personality filed the TRO request earlier…


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